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Дата основания компании: 6 декабря 1923 г.

В ассортименте Игр Hasbro найдутся игры для веселого и увлекательного времяпровождения на любой вкус. Малыши в восторге от игры с забавными и яркими героями под брендом Elefun and Friends, а также "Операции". Jenga и Twister давно стали завсегдатаями вечеринок по всему миру. В Cluedo, Taboo, "Игра в жизнь" интересно играть как в кругу семьи, так и с друзьями на вечеринке.

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Больше всего малыши радуются игрушкам. С помощью них дети учатся, узнают мир и развиваются. Американская компания Hasbro уже почти 90 лет производит такие игрушки, которые дарят детям беззаботное и веселое детство. Мировой лидер по производству детских игрушек, Hasbro известен качеством и безопасностью своих товаров и привлекательностью цен. Мы рады представить Вам большой выбор красочных игрушек Hasbro. Яркие настольные игры, игровые наборы, пластилин, интерактивные зверята, машинки, трансформеры и каталки не наскучат ребенку и подарят много веселых минут.



Styling, mixing, and using your imagination to the fullest! On #NationalCreativityDay,
anything goes!
#Repost @disneyprincessstyle: Any collectors out there?
Introducing FurReal Peealots! What’s more fun than walking a pet? Walking a pet that pees! #BringHomeTheFun #Furreal #Peealots
#Repost @purejoyhome: #ad Can we talk about the real MVP of quarantine?? #PlayDoh Hours and hours of play. We gave Brian and Grace this Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Drizzy Ice Cream Playset and they LOVE it!! They set up shop in their pretend kitchen and make all sorts of creations, love seeing their creative side in motion! #BringHometheFun #PlayDoh @hasbro
#Repost @mamadrey88: #ad A girl and her new pup!
This Baby Alive cutie is celebrating her very first #MerMay
#repost #ad @lemonstripes Her “patiently-waiting-to-play-with-my-new- #PlayDoh-toy-but-mommy-needs-a-picture-first-face”
#Repost @mommasgonecity: Watching their relationship blossom through this extreme togetherness has been more than a positive thing! #AD The girls have been having a blast playing with new #DisneyPrincess dolls inspired by Ralph Breaks the Internet from @hasbro- the princesses in pants and glasses is the perfect twist for their smarty-girl plots! #BringHomeTheFun
POWER RANGERS DINO FURY coming to @Nickelodeon in 2021 ⚡
#Repost @jfinch27: Just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean we can’t have a little bit of family fun! #nerfpartner. We have been absolutely loving our @nerf blasters! The Fornite SP-L and the Fortnite AR-L have been our favorites. #bringhomethefun
#repost #ad @clairecrosby #AD We’ve got some creative kids making pretend Play-Doh ice cream cones for us all day today :)
#Repost @livingnotes: #AD: A little imagination and some family fun never hurt anybody, right?! Teaming up with @Hasbro to throw a couple of ideas your way.
Change your game nights to a game DAYS. Same thing during a different hour will occupy your noisy crew. Game of Life is FUN. What do you play?
Get competitive. Make two kids compete against each other or complete with your little boss, but seeing who wins is just...exciting. Evyianne and Elia’s fav Play-Doh sets (like this cute Cluck-a-Dee Chicken!) work like magic. We all can use a little de-stressing here.
Imagination time. Kids may not be able to interact with their friends because of social distancing, but there is no shortage of imagination. Let kids run WILD with it. Throw out a couple of story ideas for them.  Kids will play for hours when given an idea and left alone. Here is a pro tip: want to know what’s going on in your kids minds? Listen in carefully to what they are saying to their toy friends. They tell ALL.
You know, this time is tough. BUT! Kids' smiles make the world a little brighter. There are still amazing memories being made. Even during quarantine!
What are you doing to keep your little ones happy?
(All toys are sold separately)  #PlayDoh #BringHomeTheFun #DisneyPrincess